The latest version of Gmail is released today with the new material theme

Google has released a redesigned version of Gmail for iOS and Android a few hours ago. This version

Google has released a redesigned version of Gmail for iOS and Android a few hours ago. This version is based on the “material theme” that you’ve seen since April of last year to today in a web-based version of Gmail.

When the new update reaches your phone, you will see that the red and big bar has been removed from the app’s screen, and now its environment is lighter and more sophisticated than ever. In this redesigned design, Google again uses its own personalized fonts that you can notice by pulling out the sidebar (drop-down menu) of Gmail.

You will also see that the switching section between user accounts has been moved from the previous place to the upper right corner, so that, combined with the search bar, it now has less space and easier access to it.

The search bar is now the most important navigation tool in the app and you can access the drop-down menu button and the account switch. Although the interactive Gmail floating point still remains in the bottom right corner of the image. But the redesign of Gmail, with the exception of the appearance of changes, has brought a number of new features. One is how email is organized.

Now you can customize how emails are embedded in the inbox (separated by space and space occupied by the page), and you have three options: the default mode, the compressed mode, and the comfort mode. By default, there is little space between emails and there are buttons below each email that allow you to directly access attachments.

The Comfortable mode displays the ideal Gmail design, and the compact mode compresses the Inbox items and also turns contacts contacts to checkbox for less space. But if you are one of the fans of the Inbox app (which will be disabled shortly), you should know that the new Gmail will not have the ability to group it.

Fortunately, however, all of Gmail’s previous settings have been preserved in the new design, and you’ll still be able to sort your emails as you like. Although new icons and buttons, and better use of white space, have given Gmail a more modern look and feel, but underneath this appearance, Gmail’s performance remains intact.

Google has announced that the release of the global release of Gmail has begun today for Android, and in the coming weeks, iOS users will also get this feature.

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