Types of CCTV Cameras


These cameras are very common types of CCTV cameras. In brief, it’s a simple and inexpensive system for non-professional users.


Surveillance cameras are network-based, a professional type of security camera and security camera that is very high quality and costly.


These types of CCTV cameras provide high resolution, color and resolution with coaxial cable, like analogue cameras with higher image quality.

Accessories in CCTV Cameras

The accessories in the CCTV cameras are the requirements for installing these systems. One of the most important CCTV accessories is the DVR, NVR, cable, lens, base, and power supplies.

Provide basic guidelines such as: Estimating current and future needs, estimating financial costs, providing different scenarios, selecting and purchasing equipment (technical capabilities, brand, after-sales service, location and mapping) are among the services provided in this Package is foreseen.