Design & Integration of Telephone Networks Enterprise 

Design and implementation of network infrastructure and design and implementation of GATE WAY and installation of CISCO UNIFIED COMMUNICATION, MICROSOFT Skype business

Design & Integration Of Small Business Phone Networks

Design and implementation of network infrastructure, design and implementation of GATE WAY, installation of CISCO Unified Communication, Microsoft Skype For Small Business Maneger, GATE Keeper

Design & Installation Of Video Conferencing

Provide solutions for organizing audio and video conferences with different brands and the world including: CISCO, AVAR, PANASONIC

Voice & Text Messaging Service

Provide a voice and text messaging service, set up CISCO Unity Connection and install Unified Presence CISCO

Calculation of Design & Testing & Implementation of Local Area Network Service Quality

Calculating and designing and implementing service quality on local and wide-area networks, troubleshooting and optimizing broadband and broadband usage, and providing solutions to increase the level of service availability from the set of activities provided in this service package. Is.