Design & Network Infrastructure & Security

The design and implementation of network infrastructure and security of data center servers based on standard and recommended frameworks, advice on how to select equipment, calculating the volume of service to be provided and troubleshooting the blocks of data center constituents, are the set of activities  which are foreseen in this service package.  

Design & installation Of Virtualization Services Implementation

The implementation of services based on virtualization technology, ESXI installation and Troubleshooting and Blocker Server optimization using VMWARE-based technology is a collection of activities that are expected in this service package.

Design & implementation Of Infrastructure For Storage Networks

Designing and implementing, troubleshooting and optimizing storage infrastructure infrastructure, implementing new technologies and providing comprehensive solutions for unifying central database and backup sites based on storage network protocols are a set of activities that This service basket is provided.

Management & Monitoring

Providing comprehensive solutions for managing and monitoring data centers and local networks and IP-based telephony networks.