The consulting and oversight team at Ayman Mahan Lighting Company helps its customers to identify and analyze their opportunities and points of interest by studying their surroundings. This position is based on the proposal of specific procedures and procedures applicable to the employer by the field experts and then, if desired by the employer, will be accompanied by its implementation.

In brief, consulting in the areas of management, engineering, and presentation, such as designing and conducting specific studies, providing guidance, designing and planning, and professional and technical assistance for implementing decisions, reviewing and proposing improvements to policies, processes, systems and organizational communications, Introduction of new ideas, concepts and new methods of management using day and standard methodologies at all levels of management is one of the main activities of this group. On the other hand, the increasing need to use IT in different fields has made it possible, by utilizing operational knowledge Researches and using The latest technology available to meet your goals, advisory services, and monitoring the correct implementation of software projects by this group.